Greg Bunch, after a dive at the Aquarium of the Americas

Greg after a dive in the Gulf of Mexico exhibit at the Aquarium of the Americas, where he was a scientific diver for many years.

About GB Photographic

Greg Bunch is the creator of the BoxTopper and the driving force behind GB Photographic. He has been designing and producing quality accessories since 1996, beginning with those he created for underwater cameras and data collection. His goal is and has always been to provide reliable items which secure, protect, and improve the system or process for which they were designed, and do so at an affordable price. 

Some of GB's Legacy Items

Where it all began...
Save-A-Lens Kits
Save-A-Lens Kits
For Sea&Sea Motormarine II and MX-10
35mm Underwater Cameras

· Low-profile, non-invasive system which secures the viewfinder and up to 3 swappable lenses, while still allowing easy underwater lens changes.

Digital Lens Dock
Digital Lens Dock
Shown on Olympus PT- 010 housing with
Sea&Sea WAL-L lens

· Provides a convenient, secure place to hold any 67mm diameter threaded add-on lens.
· Easy, one-handed operation - lens slips quickly in or out without threading.
· Incorporating features of our Save-A-Lens Kit, the Digital Lens Dock helps prevent loss by keeping lens tethered whether on the housing, in the Dock, or in between.

MXTENDER Optical Strobe Cable System for MX-10
Optical Strobe Cable System for the Sea&Sea MX-10 Camera

· Fiber optic cable system allowing full off-camera use of the YS-40 and YS-40A strobes.
· Reduces or eliminates backscatter.
· Enables strobe bracketing and multiple strobe angles.
· Greatly extends creative possibilities.

Strobe Arm Adapter
Strobe Arm Adapter
An MXTENDER Optical Strobe Cable System Option

· Allows an MXTENDER-equipped YS-40A strobe to mount to any Sea&Sea or compatible strobe arm.
· Like the MXTENDER, made of CNC machined, anodized 6061-T6 aluminum and 316 stainless steel for high corrosion resistance.


An MXTENDER System Option

· Works with the MXTENDER to allow attachment of a Sea&Sea or compatible strobe arm to older MX-10's which lack the threaded socket in their bottom.
· Requires the Sea&Sea Arm Adapter.
· Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, then black anodized.

DataSafe Full Size
Underwater Data Carrier
Full Sheet Size

· Keeps your vital data secure under the most demanding conditions.
· Your waterproof paper is locked tightly around all edges to resist even the strongest currents.
· DataSafes provide the utmost security, yet load and unload quickly and easily, minimizing preparation and changeover time between dives.
· No more dealing with duct tape, rubber bands, or flimsy plastic clips.
· Space to mount compass (Full size)
· Loops for additional pencils (Full size)

DataSafe Full Size
Underwater Data Carrier
Half Sheet Size

Features (continued)
· Impact and corrosion proof construction. · Positively buoyant - can be recovered if lost on a dive or swept overboard.
· Carries 2 usable sheets of paper.
· Built-in English and metric ruler.
· Redundant pencils.
· Stainless rings allow easy attachment of lanyard.
· No parts to come loose and drift away.
· Fixed cost - with no consumable parts to replace, DataSafe quickly pays for itself.

MX-10 with MXTENDER, MX-Base, and Strobe Arm Adapter
MX-10 with MXTENDER, MX-Base, and Strobe Arm Adapter
Fully Equipped

· An MX-10 35mm camera system fully outfitted with strobe arm. Only GB Undersea accessories make this possible.

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