The BoxTopper in position on a tripod

The BoxTopper in position on a tripod

The BoxTopper
$39.95 USD

The BoxTopper from GB Photographic is a universal tripod mount for vintage box cameras, Bakelite cameras, or almost any other camera which lacks a tripod socket. It is completely non-invasive and does not mark, alter, or damage the camera in any way. The BoxTopper’s rubber-tipped clamps and nylon straps gently yet securely hold your camera in place, and are completely adjustable to accommodate an enormous range of camera types and sizes.

The BoxTopper mounts to your tripod via its standard 1/4"-20 socket, which also allows the optional attachment of quick release plates etc. A bubble level is built in to assist with accurately composing your images.

At less than half a pound (215g), the BoxTopper adds very little weight to your photographic kit. Constructed of impact and water resistant materials, it was designed to provide many years of reliable service.

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