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Components and Layout

BoxTopper Components and Layout
The BoxTopper consists of a flat board approximately 7” x 8" (178 x 203mm) in size, with a standard 1/4”-20 tripod socket at the center. 4 slots run along its edges, in which 4 rectangular clamps are secured by thumbscrews. These clamps can slide freely along the slots by slightly loosening the thumbscrews. Each clamp has a rubber pad on one end, providing a non-skid grip when tightened against a camera to hold it in position.
In addition to the clamps, two hook and loop straps are included. These provide a very positive means of securing the camera to the board.

Before attempting to use the BoxTopper on a photo shoot, it is essential to read completely through the steps below and practice at home first! 

Especially important is positioning the camera, clamps, and strap(s) to work with your specific camera(s) as detailed in the next steps. Doing this setup in advance will familiarize you with the procedures, thus saving time and effort out in the field, while greatly reducing the risk of dropping a camera or losing a part.

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